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About Xevio

Over 100 Million Dollars and 20 years of combined marketing experience, coupled with industry-leading achievements in content-driven marketing come together as Xevio.

The name, derived from the Greek spelling of Zenith, embodies peak performance marketing and creative design. Built on transparency by design - Xevio promises to deliver quality and creativity at scale.

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What Xevio Offers

Native Ads

Native Advertising is one of the most underrated cold user acquisition channels in the world. With 9 figures of ad-spend experience, and hundreds of millions of purchased clicks - we thrive to be the enablers of Native Advertising globally.

We offer the following services on Taboola, Outbrain, and more:

  • Content & Creative Production. Our teams have created over 7000 unique Content Pages and hundreds of thousands of ad variations for Native
  • Full Funnel Solutions, tailoring advertorial content to drive consistent performance at scale.
  • Best in class Media Buying - the average buyer at Xevio has managed over 50 Million in native ad-spend!
  • Tailored-for-you solutions through our array of add-on products, and services aimed at catering to native marketers around the world.

Meta Ads

Meta, thanks to Facebook and Instagram, remains one of the biggest and most profitable advertising platforms out there. On Meta, we offer:

  • In-House Creative Production (Thumbnails, Copies, Videos) thanks to experienced copy writers, video creators, and our very own fully-decked studio.
  • Full Funnel Solutions, creating funnels that deliver quality at scale
  • Experienced Media Buying

TikTok Ads

TikTok may seem like an entertainment platform, but it offers marketers who put in the work incredible user acquisition at scale. We offer the following here:

  • UGC-Video Production. We know what TikTok users want to watch, and sell your products in a language they love and understand.
  • Full Funnel Solutions, creating made-for-tiktok advertorials and lead forms.
  • Senior Media Buyers, working closely with our creative machine to deliver non-stop creative innovation

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Our Partners

Some of the great brands we've partnered with:

Meet The Team


Nadim Kuttab

Chief Executive Officer

Iulia Batista-Kuttab

Director Paid Social

Tim Brückmann

Creative Director

Katjana Nguyen Thi

Director of Native Marketing

Katya Moskalenko

Senior Media Planner

Anna Leidecker

Copywriter and Content Creator

Naëlle Krämer

Video Editor

Till Schüttrumpf

Video Production Manager